Sunday, July 26, 2009

well it has been a while since i have wrote anything mainly because there is nothing new...lets see i am like every one else and just trying to make it from day to day...sales are slow, money is tight, and the days seem for ever long...a good thing is that school is about a month off so it is time for clothes shopping and supplies which is the down fall to it all but we do what must be done i suppose.....other then that i cleaned up my store a little and got like 7 to 10 more items to list but trying to hold off till some more inventory is sold...well i hope all is well with everyone and life is livable :):)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

well i got to say that a sale in these hard times can indeed help...on the 5th of July i got a sale for 3 items...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa though it had been since June 13th for the last one i am happy for any sales i can get and very grateful for anyone who can buy:):):) i wish everyone lots of love and success:):)