Friday, December 4, 2009

What the Month of May says about me:):)

* Stubborn and hard-hearted
* Strong-willed and highly motivated
* Sharp thoughts
* Easily angered
* Attracts others and loves attention
* Deep feelings
* Beautiful physically and mentally
* Firm standpoint
* Easily influenced
* Needs no motivation
* Easily consoled
* Systematic (left brain)
* Loves to dream
* Strong clairvoyance
* Understanding
* Sickness usually in the ear and neck
* Good imagination
* Good debating skills
* Good physical
* Weak breathing
* Loves literature and the arts
* Loves travelling
* Dislike being at home
* Restless
* Hardworking
* High spirited
* Spendthrift

Sunday, November 15, 2009

still working it out:)

Okay so i am all the time trying to improve and work things out, that being said i have decided to start a store on Art Fire...

right now my stuff is on etsy and art fire...but if all goes well it will all move to art fire only and i will transform my etsy store to supplies only....but that will be still another few months...

so bare with me as i am changing my ways that fit me better and bring me to the positive instead of negative:):)

In the mean time i am still creating new and different,working on my pictures,preparing for the holidays coming and backing up a storm....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

please check me out here

Thursday, October 1, 2009

well i am back and going...i am creating like crazy and feeling good again...i got some new necklaces coming also i am making new and more of my glass square pendants:):) check in at for all the i have to offer you for the holidays:):) remember customs are always welcomed:):)

Monday, September 14, 2009

asks for patience to deal with stupid people and courage to tolerate their ignorance because Lord only knows if I ask for strength I will rip off their arms and beat them to death with them!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

well it has been a while since i have wrote anything mainly because there is nothing new...lets see i am like every one else and just trying to make it from day to day...sales are slow, money is tight, and the days seem for ever long...a good thing is that school is about a month off so it is time for clothes shopping and supplies which is the down fall to it all but we do what must be done i suppose.....other then that i cleaned up my store a little and got like 7 to 10 more items to list but trying to hold off till some more inventory is sold...well i hope all is well with everyone and life is livable :):)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

well i got to say that a sale in these hard times can indeed help...on the 5th of July i got a sale for 3 items...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa though it had been since June 13th for the last one i am happy for any sales i can get and very grateful for anyone who can buy:):):) i wish everyone lots of love and success:):)

Friday, June 19, 2009

good morning and good day...well after some great etsy friends i have decided to not close shop...but i will be offering a 50% off everything sale for 2 little summer sale....also i will not be adding any of my new pieces until i lessen down a little of my inventory....but i will still be doing customs just ask:):): hope to see you all very soon and hope you grab yourself a beauty at a steal of a price:):)

Monday, June 8, 2009

well it is another Monday morning,first of several weeks with no school and all the kids!!!!! ugh:) so lets see i have been doing some new items though i will not be listing them for awhile do to it has been nearly a month since my last sale:( but i will be giving you all a preview of one of my favs so has a matching bracelet and 2 different sets of earrings available for it...i just love how well these 2 colors blended and how lite the feel of it is....she is about 18 to 19 inches long and no it is not beaded all the way up but it is a little more then half way....short of that i do hope everyone has a great day and is enjoying their summer time:)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

You won't get much argument out of a Taurus if you call them stubborn, inflexible and unchanging. Most of them see their inherent stability and practicality as a virtue. Taurus loves good food, a good laugh, and the finer things in life, anything that feels good in a "touchy-feely" way. You can leave a Taurean for years, but count on them to be the "same old Joe" years later. They do kind of get stuck in their ways - but they are usually comfortable with that. They don't feel the need to brag, to blow their own horns, in fact, if you want to confide a secret and be sure it will be kept, make friends with a Taurus. You can count on this sign to back you up once they have decided to make you part of their "collection of oddities". And they do like to collect - both people and tchotchkes.

Astrologers don't talk much about "imagination" and Taurus, but in my experience, Taurus people are greatly imaginative, perhaps because of the strong influence from Venus. George Lucas is a Taurus, and there is no arguing he's one of the great creative visionaries of our time. Their path to success is not usually the rocket-fast path, they pick a slow, steady pace, and once they have decided they want something, they almost always get their way. Perhaps under-rated as lovers because of their dowdy reputation (and lack of interest in bragging), the true Taurus type is in fact one of the more romantic and passionate, if at times unimaginative lovers. They are faithful and reliable to a fault.

Taurus is also very fond of the good life. They have great taste in food and luxury, and are one of the more "sensuous" of the astrological Sun Signs.

Friday, June 5, 2009

hello how are you whats new???? right now in my piece of the world its really bad but i am still hanging in there and trying hard to fight my way through....lets see school is out,oh my!!!!!!! sales are stopped,super oh my!!!! but it happens i suppose and i am trying so hard not to take it personal, but as the days past it does get harder not to just throw it all in the garbage and call it quits...well i have not yet and there for i am being over ran by all kinds of pretties around me waiting on new and loving homes:) so besides all that not alot of anything new going i hope great happiness and success to all:):):)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

nothing new going on in my little is out for the summer in a week,grrrrr....but besides that i have been trying to get some sales going because i need some new beads and am it is just so sad how bad and slow my sales are but i am hanging in there with the best of them....
i am trying to decide what kind of sale i will need to run to get a few sales but i just feel people are not buying so really to me no sale is going to do the job...we will prevail amongst the destruction of failure and come out stronger and wiser.

this set is what my hubby kindly calls a Wilma Flintstone upgrade

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sales are low and debt is building but that has no barring on my creative mind...among all the worries of our life i still can not help but create....i find it to be relaxing and even though sales are low i just feel the need to do more and here is another of the new style i am running with and a very awesome little bracelet...

Friday, May 22, 2009

different style

today i would like to talk with you about a different style i am working on....i have used lots of different beads on necklaces and i have used some tubing with beads...but my latest design is just so soft looking and graceful not to mention fun...i have decided to try the old saying" less is more"...i have taken some crystals and cats eyes beads with some tube crimp beads to come up with a breaking up the pieces into sets of 3 and crimping it on both sides,it gives the look of class and style while it has a fashion flair...i am sure i am not the first to use this style of making nor will i be the last...for me however with my styles of jewelry making constantly evolving it is the first one i have made.... i would love some feedback or comments on it if you find time...

Friday, May 1, 2009

good Friday to lets see i got an opportunity to be listed in yellow book yesterday.....but i have chose not to do it....a lot of factors played into my decision i suppose the main on is that even though it would help for views it would not really help with sales at least not in my opinion because how many people go to a phone book for handmade 65 dollars a month with a year contract i just see it as an expenses that would hurt versus for now i am still on all the free advertising which it gets the views and no sales but at least it does not cost me anything but lots of time and headaches:):):) well that's the update, short of that i got a bd in 4 days:(:( oh my !!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

good morning good day as you see i got nothing new up yesterday...i was busy playing with the new photo program i got....i turned my hubby into well nothing my store i am running a 50% off sale till Sunday so stop in a grab an item or 2....i will try an get some more info up soon:):)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hello all, its another day and another adventure awaits us far nothing to new today....we finally got a break from all the heat, i sold my second banner today which is way exciting...but short of that like this blog things are kinda slow:):) lol well hagd all and i will check in tomorrow:):)

Monday, April 27, 2009

another day another chore:)

well today i got 3 more pieces of information to include but i need to make cute little buttons for them....i hope you all are finding some useful items on here for advertising or for a different pace of selling....i am all the time going through the internet fishing out helpful and useful places but there are alot that take way to much information for no reason or that is why i made this blog was for sharing and it my little pif to all who are trying and struggling...if you have any info you care to share feel free to leave me a comment:):)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

remember to check out the bottom of the page for more information:):)


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