Friday, May 1, 2009

good Friday to lets see i got an opportunity to be listed in yellow book yesterday.....but i have chose not to do it....a lot of factors played into my decision i suppose the main on is that even though it would help for views it would not really help with sales at least not in my opinion because how many people go to a phone book for handmade 65 dollars a month with a year contract i just see it as an expenses that would hurt versus for now i am still on all the free advertising which it gets the views and no sales but at least it does not cost me anything but lots of time and headaches:):):) well that's the update, short of that i got a bd in 4 days:(:( oh my !!!!!!!


  1. good point about the jewelry and the yellow pages sorta the same for me :)

  2. Hello Amber,
    Nice to meet you.
    I can't blame you for ditching Yellow Book for now, word of mouth can be just as effective! You're quite talented and word of mouth will get your products sold. Much success to you!
    xoxo KimmyStyle