Friday, May 22, 2009

different style

today i would like to talk with you about a different style i am working on....i have used lots of different beads on necklaces and i have used some tubing with beads...but my latest design is just so soft looking and graceful not to mention fun...i have decided to try the old saying" less is more"...i have taken some crystals and cats eyes beads with some tube crimp beads to come up with a breaking up the pieces into sets of 3 and crimping it on both sides,it gives the look of class and style while it has a fashion flair...i am sure i am not the first to use this style of making nor will i be the last...for me however with my styles of jewelry making constantly evolving it is the first one i have made.... i would love some feedback or comments on it if you find time...


  1. Absolutely, this piece is wonderful. I am someone who likes less clutter not only in my life but on my body. Got to check out more of your product.

  2. Simple but sophisticated. Nice work

  3. thank you both for the comments...i have also made a second one almost like this but it actually goes with the pink shell coin bracelet and earring set... i just love making alll kinds of different styles...but yet sales still suck and i still can not find my niche:(