Wednesday, May 27, 2009

nothing new going on in my little is out for the summer in a week,grrrrr....but besides that i have been trying to get some sales going because i need some new beads and am it is just so sad how bad and slow my sales are but i am hanging in there with the best of them....
i am trying to decide what kind of sale i will need to run to get a few sales but i just feel people are not buying so really to me no sale is going to do the job...we will prevail amongst the destruction of failure and come out stronger and wiser.

this set is what my hubby kindly calls a Wilma Flintstone upgrade

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sales are low and debt is building but that has no barring on my creative mind...among all the worries of our life i still can not help but create....i find it to be relaxing and even though sales are low i just feel the need to do more and here is another of the new style i am running with and a very awesome little bracelet...

Friday, May 22, 2009

different style

today i would like to talk with you about a different style i am working on....i have used lots of different beads on necklaces and i have used some tubing with beads...but my latest design is just so soft looking and graceful not to mention fun...i have decided to try the old saying" less is more"...i have taken some crystals and cats eyes beads with some tube crimp beads to come up with a breaking up the pieces into sets of 3 and crimping it on both sides,it gives the look of class and style while it has a fashion flair...i am sure i am not the first to use this style of making nor will i be the last...for me however with my styles of jewelry making constantly evolving it is the first one i have made.... i would love some feedback or comments on it if you find time...

Friday, May 1, 2009

good Friday to lets see i got an opportunity to be listed in yellow book yesterday.....but i have chose not to do it....a lot of factors played into my decision i suppose the main on is that even though it would help for views it would not really help with sales at least not in my opinion because how many people go to a phone book for handmade 65 dollars a month with a year contract i just see it as an expenses that would hurt versus for now i am still on all the free advertising which it gets the views and no sales but at least it does not cost me anything but lots of time and headaches:):):) well that's the update, short of that i got a bd in 4 days:(:( oh my !!!!!!!